Weekly ( ok monthly) update. Artefakes in Free For Arts Manchester

With the best will in the world I just did not get a weekly update done so… here is the latest and greatest from me… .. I took a little time off from working on my various projects to have a week away in Madrid over Easter then a visitor for another week so things took a much needed break but I have been trying to organise and tidy up the projects I am working on, the sculpture trail recordings have their own blog so I can show more images and maybe write a little about the pieces.

The Artefakes pieces have all been sent for the Free For Arts Festival and are being set out so when I have received the locations I will add them to the map and I am really looking forward to seeing if I get some feedback on them this time round, we shall see. … May 10th.… A couple of people have posted the ones they found on the Lost & Found Museum

artefake labels.jpg
tags I made to go with the pieces around town


-my free for arts profile

-Artefakes project page ( page 14) .. fyi it is not really a geocaching project at all but it might be a  way for people to reference it.

I have started to focus more on photography at the moment and am planning and organising an exhibition with two other people, one from here and one classmate who is in Manchester but is from here. My tutor is helping us to hopefully secure the Caixa space in La Laguna above the bank as it is a student space so  we are hoping to have this for the last week of May so stay tuned for that. The project is called “cuerpos Extranjeros” and it looks at people and things that are out of place or somewhere else, the title “foreign bodies” works on a few levels, one of my areas of interest here is that I have gone back to the beach debris work and have been out collecting plastic debris on various beaches and will display this as well as images. So at the moment apart from finishing up my CP writing assignments I am working on this, of course I have a few other little side projects going but that’s normal.

I have more walks and their subsequent mapping and photos/audio recordings on the go and look out for images form the beach collections which I am working on at the moment.


here are a few pictures of the first few artefakes that have been put around Manchester by the lovely organisers for the festival.



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