Gallery visit: Fundación Antonio Pérez

Gallery visit:  Fundación Antonio Pérez

On a recent visit to Cuenca I visited this gallery my friend took me to and it was exactly the kind of place I would dream of having; a big rambling labyrinthine place to store found objects, collections and everything made with them, ok there are a few other artworks as well but hey… quite possibly the favourite of all the galleries and exhibitions I have ever been to in my life I will make a trip back there to explore the rest of the building, there’s too much.


Antonio Pérez is a Cuenca local and is an integral part of the city, this museum is his personal collection of works he has acquired or created and, honestly I know I like to say things are my favourite and they are amazing but.. this IS!! Amazing. The most banal seeming of things is transformed into something with life and character, from concrete blocks to egg cartons, faces are seen everywhere. Everything here is treated with reverence and respect, from old rusted farm and industrial machinery to bits of concrete stuck to old rebar and wire. The way each item is displayed and the space given to it is what conveys this so beautifully. The feeling he has for each of these objects borders on the personal, each one has a special place and is a character with a life of its own.


There are paintings and prints as well including Warhols, prints seem to be a favourite, I suspect probably due to his collector nature because there can be more than one of each, variations like in the objects he collects and Warhol of course is famous for his colour variations on an image or theme.

It made me feel like the sort of things I am doing certainly have some value and some potential beyond what I am already doing and gave me plenty of ideas for exhibition designs and display ideas. The potential for work with found objects and “trash” is indeed limitless and I certainly intend to find those limits. I was inspired by the display and animation of simple pieces like candy wrappers and champagne bottle cuffs.. all given life and beyond that, characters such as Flamenco dancers and Toreadors.


The genres and themes, sub-genres and arrangements blew my mind, this is something close to what I would like to achieve… although of course different.

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I feel like visiting this museum/gallery/paradise has been hugely validating and insightful for going on with the Lost & Found Museum work and all that stems from it, Perez’s methodology is inspiring in so many ways… so I will stop ranting on now but, with the gazillion pictures I have provided, you get the picture!!


this is the going in bit, or door



me modelling the Bibendum mould










this was displayed simply, hung on a wall above a staircase and it gave it so much life


















view from window









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