Found Objects, collections

I have collected all sorts of things while I have been wandering around the city, on walks in the mountains or the coast and parks, here are some images of the collections I have gathered. Some I will take back to the UK with me and some, like the plastics from the beach are going to be used for a small exhibition.

cuenca collections
Ceramics and a couple of bones and crystals, objects collected in Cuenca on a trip to visit a friend
collected on the coast at Malpais


collected on the beach at Punta Del Hidalgo


collected in various places around town
some items collected on the beach at Playa roque de las bodegas just down the hill from Taganana


a few random pieces from walks, broken graffiti wall, bones and rocks, ceramic fragment from the Palmetum, pieces of clay impressed with shells, urchin and peanut #artefake
objects found in the city streets, some of which I used to make my artefakes items



and lastly some leaves and seedpods, stones and other natural items.. some of which were used for artefakes such as the gold gumnuts, Jacaranda and flame tree pods, I have made impressions of the big seed pods with clay and am painting them gold and silver.

so these are most of the things I have collected and I try to keep them categorised as best I can but that’s not always so easy, I like that there is crossover with the items sometimes and they all play a part in other projects as well.




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